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Louise Mamet(non-registered)
I just discovered your photography website... What an amazing work, Lisa! I really love the strength which digs out from some of your photos... may be this is what hope is. I have always had something "special" for sunset and sunrise, I find them moving for many reasons... Keep up your great work!
McGuffy Ann Morris(non-registered)
Beautiful work. You are gifted. I thank you for sharing.
Geff Goldwin(non-registered)
What a neat website and collection of some great shots!! Love your sunrise and sunset imagery..

Keep up the good work.
Alison Phillips(non-registered)
Beautiful photos ~ I love how your web site bis so easy to navigate
KFL Photos
Lovely galleries Lisa......Touching The Sun is stunning!
Hi Lisa ...Thank you for the link to this Fantastic Site ....I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photographs and wish i were as lucky as you living in such an amazing part of the world ....Keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing lots More ...Best Wishes ...Gary
Linda Torrence
I enjoyed looking at all the pictures that you have taken. You are really talented and I like your choice of subjects that you choose to take pictures of, especially the ones with nature.

You are really good at framing how you want to shoot the picture, which makes it even more interesting, along with the colors of everything in the picture, also.

Keep up the good work and I will try and get the copies of the pictures you requested for you to see them. Their is only one "Burning Bush" in the world and it's at the bottom of Mt. Sinai, which is at the foot of the mountain that Moses climbed to do the 12 commandments. I hope that I have this story, totally correct.
Marc McKinney Photography(non-registered)
Hello Lisa -

Thanks for viewing and purchasing an image from my Gallery. I really appreciate it.

There are so many cool places to shoot in Seabrook, Kemah, Texas City, La Porte ... As a matter of fact, the next time I go out you are more than welcome to tag along. I'll shoot you a message with ample notice if your interested.

Tonight I'll be at the Monkey Bar in Kemah shooting whatever band is playing ... they love it when I surprise them with camera in hand. Then I'll email them the pictures after processing ... it's a great way to promote yourself!!

In the meantime, keep pulling that trigger on your Canon ... Happy Processing !!!

Marc McKinney
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