Lisa's Photography | Pelican release
Mc Hale Park, Seabrook Texas
May 24, 2014

The Wildlife Center of Texas released four brown pelicans today! Two were kiddos and two were adults..They were in captivity for several months due to illness...I learned a lot today..For the first four years pelicans can be aged by looking at their eyes, beaks and feathers..All of these body parts change color and structure...After the first four years of its life, it is harder to age a pelican..It is difficult to sex a pelican..I learned that the only way to definitively sex a pelican is to scope him or her (pelican colonoscopy)...This doesn't routinely take place at wildlife centers.. Only if the pelican is suspected to have some type of digestive illness..These four pelicans stayed close to each other once they were released :-)